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Do you own a café, salon, office building, or another small business? Well if so, you’re in luck! iPaint houses doesn’t simply paint houses, we paint for small businesses too! Since moving to the Brisbane area we’ve done work for Starkey & Christoe Kitchens, REX Software, Bridgeman Baptist Church, SRJ Walker Wayland, Juicy Secrets Clothing, H2 Insurance Solutions and Aisle 6 (Sunshine Coast Office), to name a few.

If you need the work done within business hours, we always work hard to avoid disrupting your flow of traffic or your staff! We want to give your site the look it deserves and make it as easy and seamless as possible! If, on the other hand, you want the work to be done outside of business hours then that’s fine too (and we don’t charge extra for after-hours painting!)

Do you want a makeover for your home or business? Call iPaint today at 0478-179-443 or fill out our request-form and schedule your painting transformation today!

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