Originally from the States Philip moved from Nashville, Tennessee to sunny Brisbane in 2016 with his wife, Susan, and their 2 (now 3) amazing kids. For 10 years he worked with hundreds of families and business in the States to bring new life to old spaces. He is thrilled to be doing the same here in Australia for many years to come!


Ok, let’s lose the objective 3rd-person nonsense and cut to it-
It’s me, Phil! I’m the guy behind the brush and behind the business. It’s hard for some to believe, but I genuinely love painting! Sure, every now and then there are the tough jobs, and the sun out here…WOW!…it can get seriously intense! Still, there is just something great in taking an old tired colour, or a weather-beaten wall, and with a little good old-fashioned hard-work and a lot of tender love & care, watching it vibrantly come back to life!  I’ve been doing it for some many great folks for well over 10 years now, and I’d love to bring a touch of new life to your home or business too!