The iPaint Difference

To be honest, having your house painted can often feel overwhelming. It’s costly, time-consuming, and then there’s the clearing out rooms, shifting of furniture, and trying to figure out, “how did we up with all this junk!?” This is where hiring professional painters can really pay its dividends. Fortunately, there are some really good painters here in Brisbane. Unfortunately, there are even more who seem happy turning up, doing a dodgy job, and to quote the Steve Miller Band, “Take the money and run!” Like so many things, the difference is in the details; details that you may overlook if you aren’t sure what to ask about when getting a quote. These details can also show up in the price differences between companies. So, whether you call us, or another painting professional, for the best results, and your own peace-of-mind, here are a few items to consider when comparing quotes:


  • Caulk (aka Gap-filler) – Caulk is used to seal gaps between pieces of painted trim and the wall or the floor. However, as a house shifts and settles or expands and contracts, the wall and trim can pull away from each other causing that seal to break. To properly fix this issue the old caulking needs to be cut out so that a new seal can be created. Many fly-by-night (and even some prominent painting companies) are in the habit of simply adding a new layer of caulk on top of the old, broken layer. This may look OK for a quick-fix but within a few months you will end up with the same cracks again. 
  • Repair/Sand/Prime – Primers and Undercoats are designed as sealers for raw untreated surfaces, stain-blocking for smoke, grease, and water damage, ink or crayon marks, and as a go-between when making big colour changes or switching from oil-based enamel to water-based products. It also provides a “start-from-scratch” surface when there have been repairs or improperly painted areas. iPaint painters are trained to know the correct primer to use for each situation and never substitute quality for ease.
    • Raw Timber / Enamel Paints – Always make sure on old enamel and raw timber that after adequate sanding and cleaning, a high-quality oil-based primer is used. Oil primers are a bit smelly, aren’t fun to clean up, and take longer to dry (sometimes up to 16 hours) which causes some painters to cut this corner and use an easier-to-deal-with, but inferior product. If they do, your new paint will be peeling in no time.
    • Wall / Ceiling Repairs – When new coats of plaster compound have been applied after a repair, if the area is not finely sanded flat and rolled with a high-quality primer (oil or water-based) then the new coat of paint will look patchy, the sheen and texture will not match the rest of the wall, and it will stick out like a sore thumb!
  • Protection and Cleanliness – We Don’t simply toss a few sheets on the floor as we go through the job. We take care to ensure the entire floor and walking spaces are fully covered with thick canvas drop sheets to ensure that if there are any paint drops that 

When you hire iPaint you get a premium painter and a premium paint job. iPaint delivers better, and lasting results. Our painters simply won’t take these shortcuts. We want to build long-term relationships with our customers.

Finishing Touches

The job isn’t finished as soon as the last coat of paint goes on the wall!

Once our team of painters are done we’ll complete a quality inspection and make any necessary touch ups. We’ll then walk you through your freshly painted home and check you’re 100% satisfied before signing the job off.

We’ll even leave you with clearly labelled, small containers of matching paint so you won’t be left struggling to remember which colour you chose if you need it a couple of years down the track!

Coverage / Service Area

Brisbane/Sunshine Coast/Northern and Southern Suburbs and Beyond!

Our residential coverage / service area includes the Brisbane Metropolitan area as well as surrounding regions. If your suburb is not specifically listed below, feel free contact us to find out if your suburb is covered!